Gallery of Gypsy Portraits

Gypsy Portraits Project 

I live in Appleby-in-Westmorland which hosts the Appleby Horse Fair, an event unique in Europe.

Many gypsies attend the event and camp on Fair Hill for the long weekend in early June.

It is very much part of the heritage of Appleby.


I plan to take photos of individual gypsies in June 2017, and paint portraits in oils on canvas throughout the year.

I will then have an exhibition of the portraits.

The exhibition will be held in St Lawrence’s Church during the Horse Fair weekend in June 2018.

I will show the portraits here as I finish them. 



After taking the photos I found that many of the portraits will be more challenging than simple individuals. There are a couple of lads with their horses, a lad with his dog, a lass with her grandfather, a most elaborate bowtop and more! 

For my first portrait, I started on a dog. It is coming on well, but not finished yet as I had an accident which set me back. I am recovered now and expect to catch up soon. 

Watch this space!